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    九年級英語全冊 Unit 5 What are the shirts made of Section A(3a-4c課時訓練講義 人教新目標版.ppt 8頁

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    * Section A(3a-4c) no matter不論;無論 1.不管你是誰,作為學生,你必須遵守學校規定。       who you are,you have to stick to the rules of your school as a student.? 2.Whatever you want to do,you have to finish your homework first.(改 為同義句)             you want to do,you have to finish your homework first.? No  matter No matter what avoid v.避免;回避 1.This article tells us how to     getting hurt while we are climbing.? A.cancel B.stop C.avoid D.solve 2.—Why did his father buy that phone watch for him? —Because the GPS in the watch can help him to avoid     the way.(2017貴港)? A.to lose B.lose C.loses D.losing 辨析everyday與every day 1.You can find the sentence is widely used in our    (日常 的)life.? 2.Kate’s father rides his bike to work   (everyday/every day).? everyday every day “find it+形容詞+that從句/to do” 1.我發現在一天內能完成這項任務是很難的。 I find               I finish the task in a day.? 2.I find     necessary to learn about the customs of a country before you go there.? A.that B.this C.it D.one it very difficult that  Ⅰ.用所給詞的適當形式填空 1.He comes from  (French),but he can speak Chinese very fluently.? 2.Parents should avoid     (quarrel)with each other.? 3.The people in    (German) speak German.(2017綏化)? 4.English    (speak)all over the world.(2017白銀)? 5.The company is known for its high-quality     (produce).? France  quarreling Germany is spoken products Ⅱ.單項選擇 ( )6.No matter     you did,I wouldn’t be angry with you.? A.when B.where C.what D.who ( )7.I ran to the other side of the street so that I could avoid     him.? A.meet B.meeting C.met D.to meet ( )8.I found     easy to work out the problem.I could do it by myself.? A.this B.that C.it D.those C B C ( )9.Nowadays some     made in China are both good and cheap,such as Xiaomi mobile phones,Haier fridges and Lenovo


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