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    高中英語 Unit 5 Meeting your ancestors Section 1 Warming Up and Reading講義 新人教版選修.ppt 50頁

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    單句改錯。 (1)He continued speaking, regardless about my feelings on the matter. (2)They remain friends despite of all their differences. 解析:despite+名詞,盡管……。 of Point  at most=at the most至多;不超過 ①It's at most three centimetres long.(教材P38) 這東西最多三厘米長。 ②He'll be back in five minutes,ten minutes at most. 他會在五分鐘后回來,最多十分鐘。 ③Perhaps you cycle to school or to work ,or maybe at most a short cycling trip with friends? 或許你騎自行車去上學或去上班,或者最多與朋友一起騎自行車旅行? at least=at the least至少 at any price/rate 無論如何;不惜任何代價 at full/great length 極詳細地;全身平伸地 at large 逍遙法外的 at (the) best 最多,充其量 at (the) worst 在最壞的情況下 ④It is better to get to the airport in advance of at least an hour. 最好提前至少一小時到達機場。 ⑤If she really wanted him back that badly,at least she would have called him,but she didn't. 如果她真那么想讓他回來,至少可以給他打個電話啊,但她根本沒打。 選用以上短語的適當形式填空。 (1)The thieves are still _______, and because of the lack of evidence, it is unlikely that they will ever be brought to justice. 解析:句意:這群竊賊仍然逍遙法外,并且由于證據不足的緣故很可能無法定罪。 (2)I've spoken _________________ about the importance of owning your own time. 解析:句意:我已經詳細地講過擁有自己時間的重要性。 at large at great/full length (3)Although he is poor, ________ he is honest. 解析:句意:雖然他窮,但他至少是誠實的。 (4)Don't expect much of him; he is _______ a student. 解析:句意:不要對他期望過多;他充其量是個學生。 at least at best Point  cut up切碎;使傷心;嚴厲批評 ①It seems that they used the sharpened stone tools to cut up animals and remove their skin.(教材P38) 看樣子他們是用磨尖的石器切割野獸并剝皮。 ②This piece of material may be cut up to make a pair of trousers. 這塊布料可以裁成一條褲子。 ③The article was severely cut up by some critics. 那篇文章曾受到一些評論家嚴厲的抨擊。 ④I cut up the cake and gave each child one piece. 我把蛋糕切開,給每個孩子各一份。 cut off 切斷;剪掉 cut down 砍伐;削減 cut in 打斷 cut out 剪去,刪去;略去 cut into pieces 切成碎片 ⑤She was much cut up about his brother's accident. 弟弟出事了,這讓她很傷心。 選用以上短語的適當形式填空。 (1)Let's ________ the chicken and make some soup. (2)The floods have _______ our supplies. (3)Don't try to ________ while others are talking. (4)The coal industry was ________ to half of its former


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