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    高中英語 Unit 5 Travelling abroad2講義 新人教版選修.ppt 44頁

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    * Unit 5 Travelling abroad Listen to the text. A TRIP TO PERU Lia (L) is planning to visit Peru. Listen to her conversation with a clerk at the travel agent (TA) about possible ways to travel. TA: Can I help you? L: Yes, I want to go to _____. I’ve heard a lot about it. TA: Have you been there before? L: No, but I don’t want to go on a ____. I like to be ____________. Is it possible for me to travel alone? TA: Oh certainly. But you might find it difficult as it’s your ______ visit. L: Is it ___________ then? Listen again and fill in the blanks. Peru tour independent first dangerous TA: Not really. Well, not in _____ towns anyway, where there are ______ tourists. However, I think you might be _______ on your own. L: Mmm! I suppose so. Well, what do you _______? TA: Let’s see. What kind of things do you _____ doing? L: Well, I enjoy visiting historical _____ and going to museums. big other lonely suggest sites like TA: Of course there are _____ historical sites in Peru. L: Yes, but I also love __________. I’d like to go somewhere in the Andes. And I’ve heard that the _______ and ______ are really beautiful. TA: Mmm, I think I know the _______ place for you. L: Oh, good. TA: It’s called Cuzco. It’s a city _____ up in the Andes. It’s not far from the _______ city of Machu Picchu. many mountains animals plants perfect ancient high L: Oh, yes, I’d really like to see that. TA: You can fly from Lima, the ______ of Peru, to Cuzco. We could book you into a _____ in Cuzco. Then you could take short tours from Cuzco _________ you want to. You’ll be able to get to lots of _________ places from there. L: That’s a great idea. I could travel to Cuzco and ____ in a hotel. When I want some ________ I could join a tour capital hotel different stay company whenever group for a few days. TA: Exac


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