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    中國平板顯示器行業報告:在可折疊領域快速追趕.pdf 71頁

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    Equities ● Electronic Equipment & Instruments July 2019 Why read this report? ? As foldable phones get ready to go mainstream, a fresh wave of technology innovation is under way… ? …and, while China is still racing to catch up with the leaders in Korea, Chinese display makers have their advantages, too ? Initiate coverage of Jingce at Buy and BOE at Reduce A shake-up is under way in the world’s smartphone market as giants like Samsung and Huawei roll out high-tech foldable phones aimed at re-energizing the handset market. But another shake up is also under way, although not quite as high profile or headline grabbing. Chinese display makers are racing to keep up with all the new technologies, and are looking to take on the leaders like Korea in producing the very latest in flat-panel displays. It should come as no surprise that the flat-panel industry is highly complex, and China has many strengths in many corners of it. But Chinese panel makers still lag behind Korea and Japanese peers in areas like foldable or large-size organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) panels which are the key ingredients now used in the very latest smartphones and 60” TVs. This technology cannot be understated – it improves everything from picture quality to power consumption – and we see it revolutionizing the display industry in the coming decades. The goods news though is that thanks to hundreds of millions of tech-hungry consumers at home, heavy investment in R&D, and a rich history of technology strength, we see a favorable outlook for China’s domestic display equipment companies. In this report we look at: ? How fast the foldable phone industry can grow, and what are the risks. ? Why large ultra-high-definition TVs are also part of the picture, driving demand for panels. ? Why we are taking


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